Three modules, from acquiring the necessary digital knowledge to elaborating new digital businesses

Our offer

A modular approach

  • Apprehend digital concepts

    Learn how to leverage the digital technology to enhance your business

    Explore the business models of Tech companies.

  • Identify new growth opportunities for your company

    Draw conclusion from the dramatic evolution of the digital world and related applications

    Identify synergies that will create value for your company.

  • Define the digital business model that will enhance your core business

    Elaborate a digital strategy based on the leverage opportunities identified in module 1.

    Build a business plan for the growth opportunities retained at the end of module 2.

Why Regards Numériques ?

What we will contribute :

  • To your business

    Regards Numériques’s analyses will provide you with a new perspective on the positioning of your company, sector and market within the evolving digital environment. The objective is to elaborate a new strategy that strengthens your market position, create synergies with your core business and, ultimately, is source of new value creation.

  • To your team

    Regards Numériques’s challenge is to elaborate a strategy that meets your specific requirements. This approach entails the active collaboration of your team(s) to the project from the outset. Module 1 is specifically designed to allow them not only to apprehend the new digital environment but also to follow up on its evolution later on.

The digital transition

The challenge

A digital transition is not a straightforward process to the extent that the underlying digital reality is not always fully apprehended by companies. Digital technologies are re-defining the concepts of space, time and accessibility. Markets are becoming wider and entrance barriers lower; clients directly contribute to value creation. This translate into the new reality that companies, and their managers have to face.

Why go digital ?

  • To foster additional growth
  • To optimize operationnal efficiency
  • To leverage the new digital business
  • To anticipate client needs
  • To accelerate innovation
  • To retain a leadership position

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