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Our approach

We help you take advantage of digital opportunities.

  • Regards Numériques coachs your management teams on the economic implications of digital concepts.

    The digital economy has forced the business world to reconsider its basic assumptions. It is developping its own operating models and offers huge leverage.
    Make these concepts yours.

  • Regards Numériques analyses your current business and identifies digital opportunities.

    We live in an increasingly digitalized and connected world. Hence, the crop of new opportunities. Do not let the competition gather them first.

  • Regards Numériques elaborates your digital strategy.

    Technological breakthroughs and digital applications offer many opportunities to tackle the challenges your business is facing. Do grab theses opportunities.

  • Regards Numériques helps you define your transition project.

    Connected objects, robotics, data management, learning machine, cloud, marketplace, real-time management… More than one opportunities to maintain your leadership position. Contact Regards Numériques.

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Our Services

Our team

A key partnership

Regards Numériques’s principal will be your key partner and will contribute her solid experience in the digital business. Virginie Gorbatchef holds both a Master in Electronic Engineering from INPG (l’Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble) and a Master in Marketing from ESSEC, a top-ranked business school in France.

Ms Gorbatchef is committed to elaborating the best solution for your company independantly from any manufactuer or service provider. Her expertise will allow you to develop your core business, as well as, identify tomorrow’s growth opportunities.

  • Business orientated

  • Pragmatic

  • Independant

Our history

Regards Numériques came from Virginie Gorbatchef’s realization that many a company did not know how to apprehend the digital revolution. Hence the creation of the consultancy in 2015 in order to assist companies in grabbing the opportunities that the digital business offers.
Virginie Gorbatchef brings to the consultancy the over 20-years of experience in new technologies and digital services that she has acquired in large corporations, as well as SMEs and start-ups.

To collaborate with Regards Numériques means :

  • To apprehend digital concepts
  • To create new growth opportunities
  • To strenghten customer relationships
  • To anticipate market evolution
  • To build the future
  • To find a creative solution

How digital are you? What about your business ?

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